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Who cares about who's gay and who's not?

Everybody does! At least, we do, and if you're reading this, then you do too.

Why make a wiki about it?

Everybody hears rumors and has theories, but we want to know what's true. The best way to figure it out is to make a wiki about it, and let everybody keep track of it together.

How do we know what's true?

Rule #1 on this wiki is: Every piece of information about a celebrity's love life has to have a reliable source. Interviews and biographies are reliable sources, tabloids aren't. "It's an open secret in New York/West Hollywood" isn't good enough. We want it straight from the horse's mouth, or not at all.

How do we define whether somebody's gay or bisexual?

We don't. We just report what we know, and we leave the interpretation up to the readers.

Aren't there more important things to worry about?

Absolutely! This isn't important; it's just interesting. If you don't think this is important enough to read about, then go back to healing the sick or whatever crucial activity usually occupies your valuable time.

Is this site just about guys, or lesbians too?

Yup, lesbians too.

So why isn't it called Gay and Lesbian Celebrities Wiki?

Why am I having this conversation?



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