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Phil Collinson
Television producer
Doctor Who, Coronation Street

Phil Collinson is a British television producer who has produced Doctor Who since its revival in 2005, headed by executive producer Russell T. Davies.

Collinson was initially an actor, before switching to working behind the cameras in the industry as a script editor and writer on programmes such as Springhill and Emmerdale, later becoming the producer of Peak Practice.

He has produced several series for the BBC, including the comedy drama Linda Green, and the first seasons of 1950s-set Born and Bred and paranormal thriller Sea of Souls. In January 2004, he started work as the tenth full-time in-house producer of the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who.

He also serves as an executive producer on the CBBC Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

On June 24, 2007, The Daily Star reported Collinson would be the next producer of much loved ITV1 soap Coronation Street.

Personal life

Collinson is openly gay, and admits that Doctor Who has a special appeal for gay people: "I can only talk for myself, and when I was a teenager," he said in a March 2007 interview. "For me, as a young boy and a teenager, growing up in the north of England, in a world where I could never imagine being a gay man, let alone settling down and finding someone, I think Doctor Who was really asexual. There were programmes like The Sweeney which were very much about men chasing women, men getting women, whereas with Doctor Who you had a show that never really dealt with that." [1]

According to a 2007 interview, "Collinson splits his time between Manchester and Cardiff and is, surprisingly, single at the moment: he laughs heartily when I suggest that he’s ‘open to offers’. His ‘dream date’, he says after a few minutes’ thought, would be actor Matthew McConaughey." [2]

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